Video bingo

In this article we will help you learn how to choose your game so that your fun is much safer and your experience much more complete. 

The video bingo game

This type of game has won the hearts of many gamblers due to its simplicity. As there are no more bingo houses, to play free video bingo you can access the online gambling house, which is fully licensed by the gaming commission, based abroad, and fully allowed within the territory.

Licensed online casino

bingo rules

A game run by a regulated, audited and licensed online casino ensures that there is no manipulation of any kind in the games, guaranteeing you the possibility of winning in a random way. 

The diversity of themes

The possibility to choose themes for the games is also another big attraction of video bingo. You can find games with football themes, kittens, burgers, fishing, trucks and more. All of them are full of beautiful and colourful illustrations, and full of characteristic sounds, which gives a lot more life to the game. And we guarantee that the fun starts right from the choice of theme! 

The welcome bonus

Online casino offers free credits that increase your available cash for play. To earn it, you need to be over 18 and register on the site which is completely free. 

Extra cash is always welcome in a game, isn’t it? So be sure to take advantage of this benefit. 

The types of games

Video bingo tips

Did you know that video bingo has 30 ball, 75 ball, 80 ball and 90 ball games? 

So it’s up to you to choose which type of game you prefer and how much time you have available to play. 

Fun, isn’t it? 

Regardless of the number of balls, in video bingo the numbers are marked automatically and in a very agile way, plus you can increase or decrease the bet at any time, a possibility that does not exist in traditional games. 


The advantages of video bingo are numerous! Besides the fact that the sites never close, which gives you the possibility of accessing them at any time, you will never go through the “hassle” of not being able to score on your card because the pen failed or because you didn’t hear the chanted number… These mistakes can cost you your win! 

You’ve seen that it’s not difficult to choose or access a video bingo game, right?

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