Cashing Rainbows

If you are one of those people who never miss Saint Patrick’s Day and have the three-leaf clover as a charm, you will love this slot. 

The game

Cashing Rainbows review

Cashing Rainbows is a five reel, three row slot machine. The presentation of the slot is framed with Celtic theming such as Trinity Knot and Shield Knot which give a very epic tone to the presentation screen of the slot. 

The symbols used have been quite whimsical. In addition to the classic A, K, Q, J, 9 and 10, this slot features, as seen in the image below, elements from the fantasy realm such as the unicorn, fairy, dragon and other fantastic characters, as well as Wild and Scatter symbols. 

The characters are animated and change every time one of them helps complete a payline, giving the player much more excitement. More than just the symbols animating, this slot also changes its background when the bonus mode is activated showing the player a wooded landscape with fairies and unicorns. And the soundtrack? Ah, that’s worth mentioning too, this slot features typical Irish folk music, so the lively rhythm and the sound of the flutes help set the player in the Celtic setting. You can find this free slot machine available on our site 24 hours a day.


One of the big advantages of this game is the many win lines, i.e. the types of combinations possible in order for the player to collect the prize. Slots usually have up to 10 paylines, but Cashing Rainbows has 20 paylines: top row, middle row, bottom row, ladder up, ladder down, there are so many that it is difficult to describe. 

One thing is certain, with so many win lines it is much easier for the player to be victorious in his bets. The two dozen winning possibilities and the luck inspired by the fantastic creatures makes this slot a strong candidate to be a successful slot among players. 

Free spins

Cashing Rainbows free spins

If the twenty paylines were not enough to convince you to try this slot, get ready: this slot features free spins, and not just one or two, but 10 free spins, that’s right, 10 free spins. Let us tell you how to get those spins. 

If two Scatter symbols appear on the first and last reels in the same round, the Free Spins feature is activated. All you have to do is press the spin button once and hope for a paying combination. Can you imagine winning some money from the comfort of your home through your computer, smartphone or tablet? 

Cashing Rainbows is a very interesting slot for enthusiasts of Celtic culture and mythology. Besides the Irish mythology-inspired setting, the game offers plenty of paylines and free spins and is ideal for both novice and experienced players. 

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