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Speaking of which, are you familiar with online casino? Accessing is simple: you can easily find all the games available, ranging from video bingo, slots, to live games and games with real dealers. The site is intuitive, secure, internationally licensed to operate, and even offers a welcome bonus for new signups. Enjoy! 

About Go-Go Bingo

Go-Go Bingo

Go-Go Bingo is an exciting video bingo that can be accessed from desktop computers, tablet and smartphones, to be played anytime, from anywhere. 

The interface is clean and customisable, allowing you to choose your preferred background colour from the available options. It is divided into 4 parts, in other words, there are 4 cards for you to play simultaneously. Each card is composed of 3 rows and 5 columns, each containing 15 numbers. 

Go-Go Bingo offers 12 possible winning patterns, the smallest payout is $0,75 and the highest is $375 which is equivalent to a full card. All information is easily found in the game settings. 

How to play this video bingo

You can play the free version of Go-Go Bingo but just remember that real games, with real money, offer real prizes. And let’s face it, the fun of bingo is that you get to see your winnings grow. Obviously, the bigger your bet, the bigger your winnings. 

Your payout options range from 0.4 to 20, which caters to both those who like to bet big, and those who prefer to stick to the safety margin. 

Once you have chosen your bet amount, 30 balls numbered 1 to 60 will be drawn and when these numbers match the numbers on your blocks they will be highlighted for you to easily follow. Don’t like the numbers on your blocks? Then before the balls start being drawn, click on the cards and automatically new random numbers will be generated. Cool, isn’t it! 

And at Go-Go Bingo you also have the chance to buy up to 9 extra balls at an additional cost, not to mention the free balls that will help you in your game. 



The era of marking bingo cards with a pen is over! No more borrowing a pen because yours failed or you forgot to bring one. Let a winning opportunity slip by because you didn’t mark a number? Never again. 

The ability to play a game of online bingo so easily is pleasurable and takes away any moment of boredom. And if you’re short on time, don’t worry, because you have the turbo pace of play that makes the games even faster. 

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